The chimney is an essential part of any home. Its purpose is to provide ventilation to remove smoke from the residence safely. When a chimney doesn’t operate properly, it can pose a threat to your home and loved ones. Here we’ll discuss why having repairs and maintenance performed on an aging or damaged chimney are critical to your comfort and overall safety:

Weak Fires

One of the first things you may notice when a chimney isn’t operating correctly is the quality of your fires. When a chimney fails to provide adequate ventilation, fires won’t burn as strongly and will struggle to heat a home. While burning wet wood can cause a weak fire, if you are continually having problems starting fires and keeping them going, there could be an issue with the chimney itself.

Creeping Roof Fires and Critter Infestations

The cap on your chimney serves two major functions. The first is to keep wild animals and birds out of your home by blocking access. The second is to provide a finished exit point for the ventilation of smoke and soot. When a chimney cap is damaged, it has the potential to cause a creeping fire along the area of the roof that surrounds the chimney. If a chimney cap is not repaired and you continue to use your fireplace, it could result in a more serious fire that engulfs the entire structure.

Creosote Build-Up

Another reason why it’s so important to have your chimney inspected and repaired is the threat posed by creosote build-up. Creosote is a black film that coats the interior of a chimney when you use your fireplace. It’s a natural byproduct of wood combustion. Yet, if you allow creosote to build up in the chimney structure, it could block ventilation and potentially ignite. This problem can be compounded by a chimney with cracks or other structural deficiencies.

The Release of Harmful Toxins in the Home

Since the main purpose of the chimney is ventilation, if it becomes clogged or obstructed, it can no longer properly vent smoke out of the home. This leaves the fireplace as the only exit point for smoke, which will lead to harmful substances like carbon monoxide and other toxins entering your home. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous, and exposure can result in serious illness and even death. That’s why it’s vital to have your chimney regularly inspected to ensure proper ventilation and the safe use of your fireplace.

On Duty Chimney Service and Stove: Your Source for Professional Chimney Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs

If you think your chimney isn’t operating properly, it’s important to have it inspected as soon as possible. That way, you can be assured that any problems are taken care of and that it operates effectively during the winter months. At On Duty Chimney Service and Stove, we provide a range of services, including chimney and flue cleaning, as well as complete chimney repairs. We are currently scheduling customer visits in late December / early January. Contact us today to learn more about the importance of having a chimney inspected and to schedule your appointment.

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