Professional Chimney Repairs in Leominster, MA

After a violent storm passes through or the passage of time takes its toll, your chimney can sustain structural damage. Not only will it be bad for your family evenings gathered around the fireplace, but a damaged chimney can degrade the aesthetic appearance of your home. To ensure it doesn’t collapse, it’s best for homeowners to call upon a chimney repair business to help it look and function as good as new.

Whether you need stucco or masonry repair, On Duty Chimney will offer professional chimney repair services. Our team of technicians is committed to providing quality chimney repairs in Leominster, MA, and throughout the region. Some of the other locations homeowners can call on our chimney repair business include:

  • Acton, MA

  • Ashburnham, MA

  • Auburn, MA

  • Ayer, MA

  • Chelmsford, MA

  • Clinton, MA

  • Concord, MA

  • Devens, MA

  • Gardner, MA

  • Groton, MA

  • Holden, MA

  • Hudson, MA

  • Leominster, MA

  • Littleton, MA

  • Lunenburg, MA

  • Marlborough, MA

  • Northborough, MA

  • Princeton, MA

  • Rutland, MA

  • Shrewsbury, MA

  • Sudbury, MA

  • Templeton, MA

  • Townsend, MA

  • West Boylston, MA

  • Westford, MA

  • Westminster, MA

  • Winchendon, MA

  • Worcester, MA

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Types of Chimney Repairs for Leominster, MA, Residents

Brick chimney repair involves more than simply brick rebuilding, as chimneys are more complicated than they might initially seem. They’re comprised of numerous components that work in tandem to provide your home with warmth. No matter what part of your chimney is broken and needs fixing, our chimney repairs around Leominster, MA, can help! Our experts are skilled at handling the following chimney repair services:

  • Fireplace Repairs

  • Chimney Cap Repairs

  • Chimney Crown Repairs

  • Chimney Flashing Repairs

  • Chimney Flue Repairs

  • Chimney Liner Repairs

  • Brick Pointing

In addition to brick chimney repairs, our technicians are capable of repairing a wide variety of chimney types, so homeowners around Worcester County can rely on them for masonry and stucco repair as well.

On Duty Chimney handles chimney repairs in Leominster, MA, and cleaning them too! Maintaining a well-swept chimney and flue is an important task for homeowners, as not keeping them clean can increase the likelihood of chimney fires and other problems. Our chimney experts will lend a hand with the maintenance of your chimney and have the experience to clean any kind you may have!

Even if your chimney appears fine on the surface, there’s no telling what interior damages or problems lie underneath. For that reason, thorough inspections are vital whether you intend to purchase a new home or have lived in it for years. Performing annual inspections will help you catch any potential problems before they grow into larger, more expensive ones, and On Duty Chimney Service & Stove can help perform them!
As the National Fire Protection Association recommends, homeowners ought to sweep their chimneys at least once a year to reduce the risk of chimney fires. At On Duty Chimney Service & Stove, our professionals will lend a hand with your preventative maintenance and can offer numerous other services to keep your chimney safe. With water sealing for your masonry, flash sealing for your lead flashing, and numerous other chimney products, we’ll help your chimney stay in top form throughout the year!
Not only do we sell a wide assortment of chimney and stove products, but we also offer installations for them! When it comes to installing a new chimney, it is imperative that you hire a company that has the right experience for the job; otherwise, you may encounter costly installation errors in the future. For a contracting company that offers flawless installations, On Duty Chimney Service & Stove is prepared for any kind of installation!

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways that stoves, fireplaces, and chimneys can sustain damage. If you encounter any of the following issues, know that we can lend a hand to resolve them!


  • Smoke entering through the fireplace when you were using your wood stove on another floor.

  • Having a hard time getting the fire started.

  • Water is entering the fireplace, leaking into the walls, or coming out in the basement.

  • The glass doors of your glass door are covered in black soot, which is a sign of poor venting.

  • Your venting system caught on fire.

  • Your pellet stove venting system should not be covering the sides of your home in black soot.

  • If your fireplace smells unusual when it’s damp or raining, then we can help you fix that!

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The next time you need a chimney cap or crown repairs in the Worcester County area, you’ll know who to call! When it comes to fireplace and chimney repair services, our experienced technicians have the experience needed to get the job done correctly so your family can go back to enjoying the fireplace!

If your home requires chimney flashing, liner, or flue repairs, then don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll answer anything you ask, whether it be about brick pointing or rebuilding. To begin scheduling an appointment, reach out to On Duty Chimney today!

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