Chimney & Stove Installation in Leominster MA

Have you considered building a new home and are looking for chimney installers who know how to get the job done? Or have you thought about replacing your old stove with a new one and are seeking professional stove installers? Whatever the case may be for your home improvement plans, it’s imperative that you hire the right team for chimney & stove installations in Leominster, MA, because if they make any mistakes, then it may lead to long-term problems that might be costly to repair.

To ensure that your chimney & stove installations in Leominster, MA, are done correctly, then On Duty Chimney will be the right team for the job! Our technicians have the necessary skills to bring a wide range of appliances into your home, whether it be chimney or pellet fireplace installation.

Families living in and around Worcester County can count on our professional installers for flawless and efficient chimney and stove installations. Here are some of the locations that we service:

  • Acton, MA

  • Ashburnham, MA

  • Auburn, MA

  • Ayer, MA

  • Chelmsford, MA

  • Clinton, MA

  • Concord, MA

  • Devens, MA

  • Gardner, MA

  • Groton, MA

  • Holden, MA

  • Hudson, MA

  • Leominster, MA

  • Littleton, MA

  • Lunenburg, MA

  • Marlborough, MA

  • Northborough, MA

  • Princeton, MA

  • Rutland, MA

  • Shrewsbury, MA

  • Sudbury, MA

  • Templeton, MA

  • Townsend, MA

  • West Boylston, MA

  • Westford, MA

  • Westminster, MA

  • Winchendon, MA

  • Worcester, MA

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Fireplace and Chimney Installations for Leominster, MA, Homes

Installing a chimney is no easy task. From the masonry to the flue and all the other components of a chimney, it requires numerous different skill sets to install them correctly and without flaw. For chimney and fireplace installers that you can trust, call On Duty Chimney! When our technicians come to your home, they’ll ensure that your new chimney will be a reliable source of comfort for your whole family.

Professional Stove Installation in Leominster, MA

Stoves play an important role in cooking, and as a result, you’ll want them to work properly so you can be at ease when making meals for dinner. The stove installers at On Duty Chimney are more than capable of installing new stoves into your home. Additionally, we also offer a large selection of different stove products, so you’ll be able to pick out the perfect option for your home!

Other Services

On top of our chimney & stove installation for Leominster, MA, residents, we also offer a variety of other services, such as cleaning! No matter what kind of chimney your home has, it needs to be cleaned, and our team knows how to sweep all sorts of chimneys! If your chimney is not cleaned regularly, then interior structures could deteriorate over time.

Have you begun to notice cracks in the masonry of your chimney? Cold weather and a lack of maintenance are both potential culprits, but no matter what inflicted damage on your chimney, we’ll be able to fix it! Our technicians have the expertise needed to repair all kinds of chimneys, so you can rely on them to fix the one at your home as good as new!

While structural damage on the surface of your chimney may be easy to see while in your yard, there may also be problems inside the chimney that can go unnoticed. Rather than use your fireplace when there could potentially be something wrong with it, homeowners ought to seek out chimney inspections annually.


The National Fire Protection Association recommends that homeowners have their chimneys maintained on a routine basis. This preventative care is integral in maintaining the condition of your chimney and will make your home a safer place too, as it will reduce the chances a chimney fire might occur.


There are many different problems that your fireplace or stove can have. Should you ever encounter one of these issues, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance!

 Smoke is coming in from the fireplace while you operate your wood stove on another floor.

● Downdrafts are coming in.

● Starting a fire in your fireplace is difficult.

● Water is seeping into the walls, draining into the fireplace, or leaking into the basement.

● The glass doors of your wood, gas or pellet stove doors are caked in black soot.

● Your venting system should not be covering the walls of your house in black soot.

● If your fireplace starts to smell when it’s raining or damp, then we can handle those issues!

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Whenever you need a pellet fireplace installation in a region near Worcester County, you’ll know who to call! Should you have any questions about our chimney & stove installation in Leominster, MA, we’ll be happy to offer an answer!

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