While your beloved chimney might appear in good condition on the surface, there might be problems underneath that are impeding its performance. Should any underlying issues go unchecked, then they can develop into worse problems that may be expensive to repair. Rather than spend a fortune on fixing your chimney, catch them beforehand with a chimney home inspection.

For the best chimney inspections around Leominster, MA, place your trust in On Duty Chimney! Apart from our inspections for chimneys, we can assist you with other services as well!

Our annual chimney inspection services are available in a wide range of locations, so if you reside in one of the following places, you can count on us:

  • Acton, MA

  • Ashburnham, MA

  • Auburn, MA

  • Ayer, MA

  • Chelmsford, MA

  • Clinton, MA

  • Concord, MA

  • Devens, MA

  • Gardner, MA

  • Groton, MA

  • Holden, MA

  • Hudson, MA

  • Leominster, MA

  • Littleton, MA

  • Lunenburg, MA

  • Marlborough, MA

  • Northborough, MA

  • Princeton, MA

  • Rutland, MA

  • Shrewsbury, MA

  • Sudbury, MA

  • Templeton, MA

  • Townsend, MA

  • West Boylston, MA

  • Westford, MA

  • Westminster, MA

  • Winchendon, MA

  • Worcester, MA

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Professional Chimney Inspectors for Leominster, MA, Residents

In order for your chimney and fireplace inspection to be as thorough as possible, the inspector you choose must have the necessary experience and training. Without adequate knowledge of chimneys, they may not be able to identify potential problems. Therefore, if you want the very best for your home chimney, then it’s in your best interest to hire professional chimney inspectors for the job.

On Duty Chimney is home to experts who can offer certified chimney inspections no matter what kind of chimney your house has! When they arrive at your residence for chimney inspections in Leominster, MA, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that their detailed approach will leave no stone unturned!

Other Services

It may be time for you to consider having your chimney cleaned if our inspectors find that too much debris has built up. While ignoring the cleanliness of your chimney can lead to long-term problems, there’s no need to worry when On Duty Chimney is around; our team is capable of handling all styles of chimneys!

After calling us for chimney inspections around Fitchburg, MA, you may learn that your chimney needs some repairs. Apart from the masonry, there is a multitude of components that could become damaged or clogged for a variety of reasons, whether it be storm damage or years of neglect. Whatever the case may be, our professional technicians are skilled at repairing all aspects of your chimney, from the crown to the sealing and everything in between!

According to the recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association, homeowners ought to have their chimney and vent system swept out on an annual basis. By doing so, they’ll lower the chances of chimney fires and other potential issues you may encounter. Duty Chimney Service & Stove can be a part of your preventative chimney maintenance with our annual chimney inspection services.

If you just moved into Worcester County and need to install a new chimney or have been living in the region for decades and are seeking a new stove installation, then we can lend a hand with both! We sell a wide range of amazing chimney products, and our expert technicians will be able to install any kind of chimney or stove you want to add to your home!

Chimneys and stoves are more complicated than meets the eye, and as a result, they can become damaged in many different ways. Listed below are some of the many issues you should look out for that our technicians can resolve:


  • Smoke is pushing into your home from the woodstove.

  • Getting the fire started is more difficult than you expected.

  • Water is coming out in the basement, entering the fireplace, or leaking into the walls of your home.

  • Your stove glass doors shouldn’t be covered in black soot, which are signs of poor venting.

  • The venting system of your stove shouldn’t be covering the side of your house in black soot.

  • If your fireplace starts to smell strange when it’s damp or raining, then we can solve that!

Trust Us for Certified Chimney Inspections in Leominster, MA

When it comes to inspections for chimneys in the Worcester County area, our chimney experts are second to none! Should you have any questions about our chimney home inspections for Leominster, MA, homes, or would like to begin scheduling an appointment for a fireplace inspection, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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